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Usage Terms for the KARISMA Trademarks

The following terms concern use of the trademarks associated with the Karisma Hotels and Resorts, ("Karisma Hotels"), including but not limited to Karisma, Karisma Gourmet Inclusive® Experience, Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultant, Azul, El Dorado, and Generations.

The Marks may be used by authorized travel agents ("Agents") as expressly permitted by Unique Brands Enterprises ("UBE"), the trademark owner, or Premier Worldwide Marketing ("PWM"), the exclusive worldwide representative for Karisma Hotels, and all uses must comply with these usage requirements. Please advise PWM if you become aware of any unauthorized use of the Marks.

Agents may use the Marks, but only in the form and format as used in connection with the Karisma Hotels or as otherwise instructed by UM or PWM.

Agents must use the ® symbol with each Mark if the Mark used is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or the TM symbol if the Mark used is not registered.

Agents must retain representative samples of its uses of the Marks and agree to provide samples of such uses to UBE or PWM upon request.

Agents must only use the Marks to market and promote the Karisma Hotels.
All use and goodwill of the Marks inure to the benefit of UBE.
Restrictions of Use:

Agents are not permitted to use the Marks in any manner not authorized by these usage guidelines.
Agents are not permitted to register or obtain any domain name that includes any Mark or any confusingly similar variant, whether alone or combined with other wording.
Agents shall not use the Marks or any confusingly similar variant as their own business trademarks or as part of their business name or any slogans.
Agents shall not use the Marks in any way that would create confusion regarding the ownership of the Marks or the Agent's relationship with the Karisma Hotels, UBE or PWM.
Agents agree to cease use of the Marks upon UBE's or PWM's request, including, but not limited to, if UBE or PWM determines that an Agent's use has not complied with these usage terms, and to take other action to remedy non-compliance (e.g., cancellation of improperly registered domain name).