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Brand Tango Overview

Automate your e-marketing!

Through Brand Tango, we will send out customized email blasts 2-3 times per month, to all leads in your profile, each message personalized with your logo and call to action. With Brand Tango and Karisma, maintenance, marketing and follow up have never been easier!

Procedures & Criteria to Sign Up:
  • Go to GET STARTED below.
  • Must be a Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultant to use this great marketing tool.

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Criteria for Participation: Must be an active Karisma Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultant

On Demand Emails

Automate your e-marketing!

Need an email on the fly? The convenience of delivering a customized email to your client is at your fingertips.

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Web Banners

The web banner sweepstakes program is a great way to capture customer leads. It's simple; just request your sweepstakes banners, place the banners on your website and you will begin to capture leads within your Brand Tango account to create your database. Your clients will receive custom designed emails personalized with your agency information. It's that easy to communicate all that you, our valued partner, and Karisma Hotels & Resorts have to offer to customers.

Setting Up Web Banners on Your Website and Partner Websites:
  • Click here to enter your Brand Tango account and fill in the form under campaign management, titled "Request Banner Code"
  • You will then receive an email with encrypted tracking codes specific to the banner you requested. It is important to leave the URL string for the banner landing page exactly as it is. This encrypted code is used by the Tango marketing system to track and provide marketing data for your eblast campaigns. 
  • Place the banner image on the website you requested it for along with the provided banner code. *Please note you will need a new "coded" url for each banner placement, for example: If I am placing the All Inclusive 120 x 90 banner on my homepage and on, then I will need to use two different code urls, even though it's the same banner. This will allow us to track which website placement is generating the most leads.

Criteria for Participation: Must be an active Karisma Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultant

Co-branded Wedding and Romance Websites

Marketing weddings and romance just got easier with your very own Memorable Moments Weddings and Karisma Romance Experience co-branded websites. Check out all the benefits our Gourmet Inclusive® Vacation Consultants receive that include:

  • A new way to generate, collect and nurture romance leads.
  • An automatically installed booking engine where you can earn up to 21% commission.
  • A $75 booking bonus on your first five bookings made on your cobranded website.
  • And More!

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